07/19/23 Compost Got. A pucket Of grass
          07/19/23 Wed 10:29:32 Carrots Planted watered Water green beans Flooded the ditches twice beans good
          07/19/23 Wed 10:33:06 Tomato plants Tied up Watered some
          07/20/23 Thu 10:54:17 Rain Rain
          07/21/23 Fri 11:14:33 Compost Made 7/16/23
          07/21/23 Fri 11:56:13 Compost Turned Added 5 gallons Water
          07/21/23 Fri 12:24:37 Hoed Weeds Watered carrots
          07/23/23 Sun 11:49:38 rain light
          07/27/23 Thu 07:31:29 7,25 Got Some
          07/28/23 Fri 10:41:26 Watered Last night Raining now Tied up some of the tomato plants
          08/03/23 Thu 09:28:13 Picked up Wood Put In cooker
          08/20/23 Sun 07:14:12 grass out front on the 18 th
          10/16/23 Mon 01:22:38 corn feed How often do you fertilize sweet corn? Fertilizer can also be broadcast at a rate of 30 pounds per 1,000 square feet. Sidedress two to three times during the growing season with ammonium nitrate (34-0-0) at a rate of 3 to 5 pounds per 100 feet of row. More frequent sidedressing may be required on sandy soils or when excessive rain occurs.
          10/16/23 Mon 01:23:45 corn 2 feed Once the plants are established, the need then changes to a high-nitrogen fertilizer. Examples of fertilizers high in nitrogen include blood meal, urea, chicken manure pellets, or feather meal. The Natural Organic Blood Meal from Burpee has an NPK of 12-0-0 and is ideal for heavy feeders
          10/16/23 Mon 01:26:52 corn 2 feed What is the fastest growing sweet corn? Early Sunglow Sweet Corn is fast-growing and early to harvest! This yellow, sugary-enhanced (su) variety is excellent for cold climates with short growing seasons. Ears are 7-inches long with 12 rows of bright yellow kernels.
          10/16/23 Mon 01:28:24 corn 2 planting What is the best time to plant sweet corn? spring Sweet corn should be planted as early in the spring as possible. Whenever soil temperatures approach 68ยบ F, seed should be planted 1 inch deep. Waiting for warmer soil temperatures will increase the chances for a better stand, but planting as early as possible will pay dividends at the end of the growing seasons.
          10/16/23 Mon 01:35:44 corn 2 planting Interest in using sugars in fertilizer is growing across the country, from champion soybean producers to 360 bushel per acre corn fields; sugar has been proven to help push yields to the next level when used with a balanced fertility program.
          10/16/23 Mon 01:40:47 corn 2 planting https://hosstools.com/products/g90-sweet-corn-copy?variant=45579358961974 ¤cy=USD&gclid=CjwKCAjwvrOpBhBdEiwAR58-3OeoBQ21_y9tk--Zkt3MDdxMQ_kLa7Va0C8P-rUqG7UCa21U_OwaWRoC3jwQAvD_BwE
          10/16/23 Mon 01:54:40 corn 2 seeds https://www.gurneys.com/category/corn-seed?p=0576002&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=DSA%20-%20Category%20Level%20-%20NBRD&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwvrOpBhBdEiwAR58-3KnQcs_JRdAg8dHArP3d_KT6DXyBPBgIZtOUUxwTpKo9vtjK3kgzrRoCHT4QAvD_BwE
          10/18/23 Wed 08:00:31 Are rutabagas healthier than potatoes Are rutabagas healthier than potatoes? Rutabagas are really versatile, and can almost always serve as a nutritious stand-in for potatoes. When compared to potatoes, rutabagas provide half the calories, half the carbohydrate, and 4 times the fiber. They also contain much more vitamin C, magnesium, calcium and B vitamins
          10/20/23 Fri 03:30:51
          11/28/23 Tue 02:50:31