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[VID]30 Ways to Beat a POCKET BLOCKER-frpCZ1YFzP4-1080p-1654809956723.mp42022-12-18 13:23 96M 
[VID]Aim KICKS and BANKS Like a Pro … The Only DIAMOND SYSTEM You Need to Know-4QWcQhytefI-1080p-1657349585914.mp42022-12-18 13:23 76M 
[VID]Corner-5 System - diamond system for aiming three-rail kick shots, from VEPS IV (NV B.85)-G4dv9ekF3FY-480p-1657345870684.mp42022-12-18 13:23 11M 
[VID]Cue Ball Control Target Pool Drill - from Vol-II of the BU instructional DVD series-0NQmuVuTD8I-720p-1654807010550.mp42022-12-18 13:23 24M 
[VID]Dr. Dave 8-Ball RUN-OUTS and BREAK ADVICE-eGAEfE71WPc-1080p-1654807036463.mp42022-12-18 13:24 167M 
[VID]How SPEED AND SPIN Affect AIM-XdjdgePMXFg-1080p-1654805644358.mp42022-12-18 13:24 41M 
[VID]JUMP SHOT in Pool … Everything You Need to Know-NFd9tUgFbFE-1080p-1657088541247.mp42022-12-18 13:25 143M 
[VID]Mirror Kick-Shot Aiming System - from How To Aim Pool Shots (HAPS) - NV E.7-e7NY-nTQbus-720p-1655071350917.mp42022-12-18 13:24 13M 
[VID]Pool Lesson How to Aim With Side Spin-h_x1XPqVBIM-720p-1654816694497 (1).mp42022-12-18 13:25 74M 
[VID]Pool Lesson How to Aim With Side Spin-h_x1XPqVBIM-720p-1654816694497.mp42022-12-18 13:25 74M 
[VID]Pool and billiards wagon wheel drill for learning cue ball control, from VEPP II (NV C.5)--b42018ceoE-480p-1654805925167.mp42022-12-18 13:24 5.9M 
[VID]Shallow-angle contact-point-mirror-image kick-shot aiming system, from VEPS IV (NV B.83)-plyhKB9pN_Y-480p-1657346292584.mp42022-12-18 13:25 3.2M 
[VID]Top 10 BANK and KICK Shot Aiming SYSTEMS-U5Exnt3WDXA-1080p-1655067174069.mp42022-12-18 13:26 81M 
[VID]system_for_aiming_with_sidespin_(saws) (720p).mp42022-12-18 13:29 651M 

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